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Healing Your Heart Chakra

Located in the centre of the body, on the same level as our physical heart, is our Heart Chakra.

When we talk about emotional healing, releasing those things that hold us back and doing the ‘self-work’ to bring about transformation; working with the heart chakra can be an extremely powerful way of opening the doorway to emotional and spiritual growth.

The heart chakra (or heart centre) is the space within our energy system that links the lower aspects of our third dimensional (human) life with our higher dimensional, ‘spiritual selves’ and our connection to the universal, divine love. It is the bridge between our physical existence and our spiritual essence, connecting us to universal love and divine energy.

This unconditional love and divine connection is the ‘soul food’ that is often missing from people’s lives. The heart chakra is tends to be one of the most neglected of our energy centres when it comes to healing and focus. Most people tend to focus on the lower chakras which aid us in our third dimensional reality (survival, personal power, etc.) and bypass the heart chakra to connect to spirit by focussing on the third eye chakra, which is our psychic gateway.

Often, the reason for this neglect is emotional pain.

When opening the heart chakra, before the healing takes place, all of our stored emotional pain and unresolved trauma can rise to the surface to be acknowledged and transmuted, and this can be a difficult process.

Although, once you have released any blockages here, you will experience accelerated spiritual growth as well as immense, emotional freedom and lightness. As you release the trapped pain, you make room for more light to move into that space and allow for unconditional self-love and spiritual sovereignty to be at the forefront of your reality, as you lovingly step into your power.

Here’s a visualisation I use regularly to work with the heart chakra.

To start, focus on your breathing, with slow, deep breaths through your nose (thus slowing down your breath and filtering the oxygen). Imagine the air you breath as golden, life-force energy, cleansing your cells as you inhale and expelling any stagnant energy as you exhale.

As you slowly inhale, feel the pranic energy flow towards your pineal gland (third eye) and as you slowly exhale, direct the out breath towards your heart chakra.

As you feel the flow of golden energy activate your heart chakra, allow any emotional ‘stuff’ to rise up without resistance and release it with love to the universe to be transmuted.

Finally... Know that you are always loved, you are always whole and you are exactly where you need to be on your healing path. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Healing is a continuous process, and it unfolds at its own pace. 

In Love & Light as Always, Sarah x